Lake Balboa

Lake Balboa park in Balboa Lake in Los Angeles is probably my favorite place in town and definitely in my top favorite places ever. I have been coming here since our daughter was born and it is just a  great place to get away from the city.

It is super kid friendly, with wonderful playground and all different ducks and swans to feed in the lake._ebr2882

There is wonderful path around the lake that you can walk or ride a scooter or bicycle on. There is a bike rental shop here and in the summer months, you can rent a boat to relax on. The path around the lake is 1.3 miles long and it is great for small walks or little run.

In the summer months, you see lots of parties and barbecues taking place here. And the sunset in the evening hours is simply breathtaking.

Our daughter enjoys exploring around and meeting all the different animals. It is really one of the few places in LA, where you can connect with nature._ebr2970

Lots of people come here to fish, take photographs and exercise. It is 100% family time when you come to Lake Balboa._ebr2873

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